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Lesley Pascuzzi

Founder, Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Perinatal Mental Health & Wellness Coach

Hello! I'm Scottish by birth so Australia is my home from home. Coorie-In became my 4th baby during 2021 when the Covid-19 pandemic made us all stay at home and I had extra time to consider where I wanted to grow professionally. Coorie-In is a term from Scots language meaning 'a hug', to get close, to feel safe and to feel loved. All the ingredients we need for a safe and healthy birth as well as the journey into parenthood with our little ones. Choosing professionals to join you on your journey is a huge decision. It is my hope that over a cup of tea we can 'coorie-in' and bring you world class knowledge and education from Lamaze. If you are 1 of the 5 people we know suffer from mental health and wellness challenges along this path, check out my coaching opportunities! I look forward to saying hi and starting our journey together.


Find out more about Lamaze Australia

Lamaze have been educating parents on the journey to parenthood for over 60 years.

Learn 6 Safe & Healthy Birth Practices to advance your knowledge and confidence in late pregnancy decisions, labour and birth preparation and early breastfeeding.

Lamaze Childbirth Education is underpinned by evidence based research findings, literature and from listening to mothers.

Learn why you already have the hormones you need for labour to begin on its own, why being active in your labouring will help you and your baby. Partners and support people, learn skills on how to best support your loved one & find out why labour pain is different to normal pain!

Find out more about how Lamaze can help you prepare for a safe and healthy birth today.


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Lesley came into our lives and journey just after midway through our first pregnancy, after a recommendation from my Mum that we try Lamaze like she had over 40 years ago. My knowledge of Lamaze was down to breathing exercises and what to do during labour to cope with contractions and that was basically it. Little did I know the journey of empowerment we would go through that would set us up for a birth to be proud of.

We wanted a natural birth and we knew we could get there with Lesley. Lesley was generous, hands on and made me feel incredibly comfortable in learning about the different stages of labour, but more importantly so much more about my body and how it’s made for birth. She made me feel like I could do it but also look forward to the experience. My husband also felt so wonderfully supported as a Dad and the vital role he was to play as my advocate and have the courage to ask the right questions on my behalf during labour. Lesley made him feel affirmed and validate his worries.

Now in a nutshell, our birth was everything we wanted and also a lot of what we didn’t plan for intervention wise. Our son Will was born naturally but we had some decisions to make towards the end because of a slow labour. But I couldn’t be prouder of us as a team. Thank you so much

Megan, Dave & Will, became a family in June 2021

what did we think

[ testimonials ]

We took a Lamaze class with Lesley before the birth of our baby and it was a breath of fresh air! We felt so much more prepared for our labour and birth. Our son was born by cesarean birth but we had a positive experience. Thank you for your support and reminding us we can advocate for ourselves in the decisions we made.  Our son is a little champion & we are recuperating well. Thank you for all you have done for us, we can't thank you enough.

Matt, Hyeon and baby Tayson, birthed February 2022

what did we think

[ testimonials ]

We met with Lesley in our first trimester of pregnancy in 2021 to make sure we secured a spot in her diary for 2022. Over a cup of tea, we made the decision to book 12 hours of education with her.

Lesley was an amazing person to learn all that Lamaze has to offer! The insight and knowledge provided was phenomenal, as a dad to be, I have learnt a lot about not only my wife but myself as well. Most useful parts were being able to support my wife to be confident in the decisions of labour and understanding how birthing hormones work for her during labour.

Lesley has a very comforting, loving, passionate and bubbly personality, so therefore when Aaron and I were participating in her classes we were highly engaged, continuously learning new thoughts and ideas that would help us throughout pregnancy, birth and after birth.

Lesley has made us both feel confident within ourselves, and know our rights to be able to have confidence to ask as many questions during labour and birth.

I really appreciate everything that we have learnt, the strategies and new topics that I wouldn't have even thought about, definitely has brought Aaron and I even closer and more a team.

I'm excited to birth our beautiful baby together.

Lidia & Aaron, studied Lamaze January - April 2022


perinatal wellness coaching

Learn evidence based knowledge, skills and tools for a healthier mind during preparing for pregnancy, managing the trimesters, and planning for labour, birth and beyond.

whats on offer

Ever worried?

Are you someone for whom mental health is something you work on everyday?

Has the journey to pregnancy or parenthood taken its toll on your emotional health?

Are you the 1 in 5 we know face challenges to their wellbeing from pregnancy to parenthood?

perinatal wellness coaching

Educational coaching through one - to -one to support you in the management of anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem and adjusting to the role as new parents.

Prices start from $35 per session

I am very grateful to have connected with Lesley and for the support she has provided me during my perinatal journey. Lesley’s guidance, support and wisdom has made my birthing and postpartum experience more empowering. I was lucky enough to meet Lesley through an education class and instantly felt her passion and knowledge around birthing and all things perinatal. I felt calmer and more able to advocate for myself and my baby. I am very grateful to have Lesley’s continued guidance and education and feel that this has made my transition to motherhood smoother and more successful. I cannot recommend Lesley’s coaching enough to anyone in their birthing and parenting journey.

Rachael and Deacon, became a family March 2022

frequently asked questions

[ its always best to ask, even if it sounds daft ]

Q.  Is Lamaze Childbirth Education available in my home?

A. Yes, we can set up classes one to one at your home, either socially distanced in your garden or by Zoom if you prefer.

Q.  I have had a baby before but didn't take a Lamaze class. Is it worth studying Lamaze this time around?

A. Yes. Even if you are 39 weeks pregnant, there is always time to learn some new information and skills to promote a safe and healthy birth.

Q. How much does it cost to take a Lamaze class?

A. Prices start from $199 for 2 hours or you can study with a friend to take advantage of a reduced rate when booking 6 hours!

Q. Can I study Lamaze for free?

A. Yes. Check out this online course through lamaze international FREE Labor Confidence with Lamaze - Lamaze


Take a Lamaze Class

Of course I was going to say that! But it is proven in birth outcome research that knowledge gained in pregnancy prepares parents for a more positive birth. So book your class today!


Hire a TENS Machine

This little device is a game changer. For me, it brought comfort during 2 of my 3 labours only because I didn't know about it when I gave birth the 1st time. Stimulating the production of your own endorphins, TENS will bring you a reduction in how sensitive you are to the discomfort of labour! Hire yours now!



for a safe and healthy birth


Read a Great Book

Beyond the Birth Plan by Rhea Dempsey changes the way we view pain and infact can set you up to look forward to being in labour! Educating yourself to embrace whats happening and not dread the next contraction is vital to a safe and healthy birth.


Be confident as a support person

Learning in pregnancy your role as a support person is just as pivotal in a safe and healthy birth as the person in labour. Don't see this as something to watch - prepare to be involved, hands on and you'll meet your baby quicker!


Prepare for a Positive Birth

Write down all the things that are important to you and your partner. This could be simple things like what you want the birth space to look like, culturally significant practices you want to be performed or the foods you will prepare in advance to eat during labour. Make sure a copy of this is in your hospital bag!


Ask Questions

Often the healthcare provider you see during pregnancy, labour and birth will have recommendations for you. There are times these recommendations save lives. If you are in an appointment and something crops up in conversation that you don't understand or is being recommended to you, remember BRAIN.

    • what are the benefits
    • what are the risks
    • what alternative options do we have
    • what is your intuition telling you to do
    • what happens if we do nothing

Only when you have answers to all these questions are you ready to make an informed decision going forward.


for a safe and healthy birth


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mobile: 0409913545

instagram: @coorie_inbirth

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